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6 Balls. 12 Runs. Cricket And Life.


6 Balls. 12 Runs. Cricket And Life.

Cricket teaches us a lot

Cricket in India is not just a sport, it is a religion. It runs in the veins of all Indians and beats together with every heartbeat. When such a huge sport is followed by so many people then it has to have consequences, consequences beyond sports, consequences on life.

Cricket teaches us so many things; it contains so many lessons, so why not learn? Let’s learn it through a very interesting way, let’s learn it through a story.

Here’s a couple Ashish and Aastha watching a cricket match together, read this story and understand how many lessons are there, hidden, in your favorite sport.

Relaxing on the couch, Aastha was watching cricket.

Ashish came and asked the score.

12 needed from 6 balls, MS AND Virat are batting, we will win this with balls to spare, quipped Aastha.

Cricket like life can be uncertain at times, don’t be so sure madam, said Ashish.

Really so Mr. writer gonna connect cricket with life. Sounds interesting, Aastha said.

You just watch the last 6 balls and listen to my 6 lessons, marked Ashish.

Ball 1: Dhoni muscles it to deep mid wicket. The batsman ran an impossible two.

Ashish: Sometimes to complete an impossible task, you need support. You can’t conquer the world alone.

Aastha: Cool man. 10 from 5 now.

Ball 2: A perfect outswinger. MS couldn’t do much with it, plays it down to third man.

Ashish: Like cricket, you need to respect certain situations in life too. It ain’t gonna be sunshine all the time.

Aastha: Well said. 9 from 4. It’s getting tensed now.

Ball 3: A slow bouncer and Virat skies it, fielder under the ball and VK is gone.

Aastha: Shit, shit, shit.

Ashish: You see even the best of em all can crumble under pressure. The one who learns to read the situation always wins.

Aastha: Shut up. It’s getting real tight, good that they crossed over. 9 from 3 now.

Ball 4: MS gets a full toss and deposits it in the stands. Huge six.

Ashish: The man himself said “opportunities are like heartbeats, you can’t afford to miss a single one.”

Aastha: Yeah. 3 from 2. MS the finisher is back.

Ball 5: Wide outside off and uncharacteristically Dhoni scoops it over third man for four. India win.

Aastha: See, I told you. Dhoni will do it.

Ashish: And that’s the final lesson, to win you need to step out of your comfort zone.

Aastha: Heads down man, you are awesome.

Ashish: Me or Dhoni?

Aastha: Both, actually. But what about the sixth lesson?

Ashish: Let’s leave that for some other day. Some lessons are best untaught.

Isn’t this what life is all about, learning from everything? Understanding things and having fun? No matter how much we enjoy our favorite sport, we should also grow while watching it.

As MS Dhoni himself said, “Cricket is a great leveler”. Another life lesson, right there in front of you.

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