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6 Best Tips To Flirt With A Girl

6 Best Tips To Flirt With A Girl


6 Best Tips To Flirt With A Girl

Flirting can’t be defined, as it differ from person to person. In general term this is something to do with engage the attention of her they crave for. Being flirt isn’t a tuff job; the challenge is to succeed in it. Thus, in this article we have listed few tricks that can help you flirt in a better way to get attention.

1.Be yourself

The basic acts to flirt are, start behaving real and get the answers for you first. You can be your best teacher and thus can decide the best type of person for you. Even if the truth is very difficult that you can’t handle, “Apko Aishwarya to milne se rahi.”


2.Become easy to guess

Know that your psychologically may not be the same like the one in opposite. Even if you just want to impress a girl, your body posture could be sending a very wrong signal. Thus, it is vital that you don’t be very fidgety or get anxious. Act confident and be comfortable even when your are answering the call, walking, while talking to friends. Don’t try to be a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”

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3.Be Interested and Not Flirty

Stop overdosing your Casanova and act confident, charming that anyone would want to date with. However, we don’t want you be a 007 here that may make you look egoistic fool. Try to approach with a smile and eye contact as a best flirting Tool. “Ghorna band kigiye”…she can feel quite uncomfortable.

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4.Conversation must be Interesting

This is the basic test for your flirting ability that can make you the champion in this art. You must try to get attention of the girl with your lovely words. Make sure your words can bring her a smile by adding some humour. Aur agar “Hassi to Phassi”.

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5.Let her reply

Try to share more of your life like the job or an education maybe that can impress her. Start sharing your things from your past like schooldays, struggle, gymming goals, etc.

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6.Be Humorous

This is the best magnet that will help you attract girls…no Govinda jokes please!



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