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6 Must Have Bags To Make Your Winter Attire Dazzling !!


6 Must Have Bags To Make Your Winter Attire Dazzling !!

If you love being stylish you need to know fashion first hand! Fashion doesn’t mean wearing clothes that are in or wearing the latest trends only, but fashion can be applied anywhere and anything.
You can not make a style statement with just wearing most expensive clothes or carrying designer bags, but you need to discover your personality and choose your attire combined with accessories carefully according to your personality and attitude.

So before I go on and suggest you some best trends for particular occasions please Do remember and promise yourself that you will not compromise on comfort and being yourself, for if you be you – you will have the attitude to carry anything gracefully.

Let me start by introducing you with ten must have bags to make your winter attire dazzling, here is the list:-

1. Baguette

The most popular with party animals, small bags cylindrical in shape with chain straps or thin, long straps to be carried over the shoulder, so that your hands remain free and the small size does not cover your dress entirely but adds a zing to your style.


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2. Clutch

Cutches mainly are your evening and party style things , they are small and handy beautifully adorned but not very convenient as you have to hold them in your hand . If it is a formal party and a place where you will be able to keep your belongings safely some place you can flaunt the best of clutches that dazzle . You have this category of purses splurging with variety and colour.

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3. Hobo Bag

Hobo bags are best for casual wear, you can wear them to your office everyday, but these bags do not look appropriate if you have formal and official meets , they are a little oversized for that. Best sac like bags with broad shoulder straps , allow you put in everything necessary you want to carry.

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4. Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are the bags which you regularly see people crying, they look tells you that they are meant to over the shoulder with nice medium size. Plain , glossy or patterned finish – this will decide their fate of being formal or less formal.

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5. Satchel

Bags that are utterly fashionable and casual in style are satchels, bags with flap that covers the mouth or opening, buckles and strings are the eye catching points. They can be in bagpack forms or handbag forms too, that will depend on the style you choose, but what you can be sure of being the fashion statement!

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6. Messenger

Messenger bags are best for students, though but as they look like laptop bags and sit across your one shoulder , front crossing and touching your hip , they are convenient and can give you a perfect look as an executive , IT professional. They are plain and now a day designed too, come in a variety of fabrics like leather, vinyl and fabric. Every design decides its destiny in your closet.

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Which bag would you like to add in your collection? Let us know your views in comments section below

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