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6 Of The Most Expensive Divorces In The History Of Bollywood

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6 Of The Most Expensive Divorces In The History Of Bollywood

You marry for your love and aim to live in happily hereafter. But a marriage does not necessarily end with togetherness and love. Divorce has become the most common thing in celebrities, which every media wants to cover. However, here we mention you few divorces which were not just a normal one but due to heavy demand made by their spouses, they are now the most expensive divorces in history of Bollywood.

1. Nether less to say, Divorce of Hritik and Sussane is the most expensive divorce in Bollywood where Sussane demanded a whooping amount of Rs. 400 Crore in alimony. Did Hritick pay this huge amount? Yes, Hritick paid Rs. 380 Crore and settled the case.



2. Irrespective of various on and off between Karisma Kapoor and Sanjay Kapur they finally arrived to a decision of getting separated. However, it was shocking on the side of Sanjay when Karisma demanded 7 Crore as alimony.



3. Rhea wanted to get separated with Sanjay Dutt as she was in an affair with a tennis player Leander Paes. It is believed that Sanjay Dutt settled the case by paying Rs 8 Crore as alimony and an expensive car to Rhea. This was not enough; he also paid her shopping and mobile phone bills till they were officially divorced.



4. Prabhudeva’s wife Ramlath demanded a huge property from Prabhu when they got divorced. Ramlath demanded 20-25 Crore which included villa, two expensive cars and Rs. 10 lakh was paid separately as one time alimony.



5. Amrita Sing shock Saif’s bank balance when they filed for Divorce. Sources say, Amrita demanded to pay half of his fortune as alimony.



6. Aditya Chopra was previously married to Payal Khanna, where the couple took lot of time for the official divorce as the amount demanded by Payal was too huge to Aditya to pay. The amount was so high that it is believed to be one the expensive divorce in Bollywood.



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