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6 Yr Girl Requests PM Modi To Reduce Homework In The Cutest Way, Video Goes Viral


6 Yr Girl Requests PM Modi To Reduce Homework In The Cutest Way, Video Goes Viral

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all and sundry in an adverse manner as many people have lost their loved ones while a number of individuals have lost their jobs or their salaries have been decreased while some businessmen had to shut down their businesses as they were not in a position to bear any more loss. The kids have also been affected to a great extent as they are forced to remain indoors and forego playing outside with their friends. The class room sessions were replaced by the online classes and it was not liked by the majority of the kids. Aside from this, what has made them crib more is the good amount of homework that the teachers give them.

In a video which has gone viral, a cute little girl has talked about the problem of huge homework and she has asked the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to do something in this regard. In an undated video, the innocent 6 years old girl reveals that she has to take online classes from 10 am to 2 pm and their teachers give them so much homework which should be given to the students of classes 6, 7, 10, etc. She also asks the Indian PM as to why the kids are being given this much homework.

Here is the video which will make you fall in love with the girl’s cuteness:

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Twitter was soon bowled out by the cuteness and innocence of the girl and this is how people reacted:












The concern of the girl is pretty correct if the kids are getting a lot of homework and special attention should be paid to the children in these tough times as they are forced to live a life in which they can’t go out to play, can’t go to school, can’t meet their friends, etc. which is having a negative effect on their mental status.

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