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7 Amazing Dumb Things That Smartphone Users Do


7 Amazing Dumb Things That Smartphone Users Do

Smartphones are getting smarter day by day using the extensive latest technologies, but people are still doing irrelevant things with them.

Here are 7 dumb things that a typical smartphone users love to do:

1. Sharing food pictures socially

Obsessively Take and Share Pictures of Food

“Hey!!, Look at this chocolate cream pie and chicken chardon I made”, So you made that mouth watering dish. But why are you sharing that kind of pics on Facebook or Instagram. This kind of obsession people show on social platforms, really make them look dumb. If I will staring at some pictures, then only while I am ordering something from the menu.

2. Resolving arguments over texting

Try to Settle Arguments via Texting

You have a texting machine right over there with you, and you are addicted to keep doing that without understanding the situations. You got into a fight with your loved one or a friend and foolishly you are trying to resolve that over messages, instead of talking to them. What a great idea! Keep going.

3. Using your phone as lighter at an event

Use Your Smartphone as a Lighter at a Concert


Instead of enjoying your moments at some concert or event, people try to use their phones as a lighter replacement. Thousand of apps are out there that gives you a feel of real lighter including Zippo Lighter app that opens with a flick of wrist. How great, you can blow the cigarette smoke on my face instead of showing massive dumbness.

4. Gallery flooded with Selfies (Even the bad ones)

Take Too Many Selfies (Duck Face Included)

Selfie fever is viral. People are capturing so many selfies per day and upload some of the good ones to grab the likes and comments on facebook and instagram. Sometimes I think that who the hell invented the front camera. We had already seen many selfies of yours with a caption – “Enjoying with friends, Look at my cute face”, even the duck faced ones too.

5. Unnecessarily checking your blank phone in public

Taking Calls or Incessantly Checking Phone in Elevator

No notification tone. No message tone. Still people do check their blank phone continuously to show off in public space. Staring at the facebook news feed every time you unlock your phone is a really stupid thing that people try to show off their 5 inch smartphone.

6. Photographing via Portrait mode

Shooting Videos in Portrait Mode

Many a times, I feel sorry for the people who shoot a video vertically instead of horizontally. Stupid folks don’t you know that video is going to look cut off. But don’t lose hope they will get it someday. Till then keep shooting the wrong way.

7. Using your smartphone while walking

Smartphoning While Walking

Would you walk on a crowded road with your head down even if you don’t have a phone? No! Well, Congo you’re same. So why to risk your valuable life while reading the shit comment of your friend, about the Pinky’s dress. Nevada had introduced a bill to ban against texting while crossing the road.

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