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7 Best Ways For The Couples To Romance In The Monsoons!!!

Best Ways For The Couples To Romance In The Monsoons


7 Best Ways For The Couples To Romance In The Monsoons!!!

Monsoon season is often linked to the love and romance. Rain plays a very sensual and romantic element in any couples life. Read this article to enchant your senses in the best ways with this lovely wet and humid monsoon.

1.Get Wet together in the Rain

This is the most romantic thing that you can do in monsoons with your loved ones. Just go for a simple walk in the rain together. Make sure to hold the hands and keep the feeling of raindrops that pours down your skin. It is also said that walking with arm-in-arm in heavy downpour can intensify your passion. Kiss your women and believe me she loves getting them in the rain.


2.Go for a Candlelight Dinner

Monsoon gets you bleaker weather each minute. Thus, a romantic candlelit dinner is the best way to keep your passion ignited. Invite your sweetheart for to dinner or prepare the delicious meal yourself of her/his choice. Make sure to arrange the dining table with some very romantic motifs. Get the lights turned off of your room and lit the candles. Accompany this with soft and very romantic music to get set your lovely mood.


3.Go for a Long Drive

The pitter-patter of rain which is followed by occasional thunder and even the lightning can be the best time to go for a long drive. This is a best romantic gesture that will surely bring you both closer to each other. This will help you both get your lost kiss and romance back into relationships.

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4.Move for a vacation

Pack your protective clothes bag this monsoon to embrace the feel of rains. Go to some picturesque location, play some lovely soft music while a drive to listen together.


5.Just listen the songs together

Nothing is more romantic than listing to the rainy songs from Bollywood. You can also turn on your radio and just listen to playing music together. “Tip tip barsa paani, Paani me aag….”


6.A cup of coffee by Balcony

Enjoy the serene beauty of the nature during monsoon to feel the passion in you. You can either choose your bedroom which is perfect way to get connected or select some quiet reflective moments spent together. Love each other in silence with a cup of hot steaming coffee in your hand.  Sip it very slowly, holds her in arms and also kiss her gently while the rain pours.


7.Get romantic

You can have contemplative mood to repress romance and thus strengthen the bond with your loved partner just anywhere and everywhere. This sure isn’t a difficult task at all. Just show your creativity and the consideration to romance.


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