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These 7 Bollywood Celebs Went Up The Ramp & Had A Great Fall…

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These 7 Bollywood Celebs Went Up The Ramp & Had A Great Fall…

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall..

Well this rhyme has always managed to bring out a hysterical laughter on everyone’s face.  Though when people fall we should be courteous enough not to laugh, but then our very human nature compels us to do so. The hi-fi celebs whom we adore on-screen had a bad fate with ramp walking also. Those blooper though were bad, made us feel entertained. (Sorry, I am not inhumane)

But when the celebs who are always tip-top from the toe, fall off the tip, that one hell of a scene. Because we never expect that things to happen, well they are human too plus the one who wears skyrocketing heels..

Here are some celebs who were human enough and yet after calling carried on the show… proud of falling but Super Duper proud that they got up and carried on..

1. The Cutest in the World – Alia Bhatt


2. The Bold Queen – Kangana Ranaut


3. Poonam Dhillon


4. Sona Mahapatra


5. Sridevi


6.Sonakshi Sinha


7. Sushmita Sen


We can’t blame the celebs and the smooth runaway but only the sky touching heels and floor rubbing ground…

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