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7 Great Ways To Refresh Your Look And Style


7 Great Ways To Refresh Your Look And Style

Have you gone bored with what you look like and want to give a makeover to yourself? If yes, then we have some very interesting tips for you. The very first step starts with feeling new from within, and then you work out on your outer appearance. We have tried to cover all the aspects for you, in this article.

It starts with a stress-releasing massage

The very first step of feeling stress-free and rejuvenated is to feel at ease from within. Go for a massage session at a spa and book a relaxing few hours for yourself. Of course, when you get smooth and nourished skin, you feel well from within; you can actually feel the tension leaving your body. I say, do not make it a one-time thing, but make it a monthly thing. It is a great way to feel refreshed and look great!

Go for a Deep Cleaning & Facial

It happens, especially in summers, that your facial muscles feel like they have been to the Thar Desert! To feel fresh and rejuvenated, you will need to book an appointment for deep cleaning of your face and go for one or two facial sittings. This facial session will help in getting back that face glow, which sometimes goes missing because of various external situations.

Update your closet

I know it is absolutely comforting (sometimes!) to be wearing the same clothes again and again without giving much thought to your outfit; however, it is important that you get into a ‘new avatar’ after some time. You should start by changing the color palette of your wardrobe; if you usually wear darker & paler shades (yes, we are talking about that beige top!) then wear something in neon shade for a change.

If you have some outfit lying in your wardrobe that you always wish to wear but never muster the courage to wear it (because it is a bit too tight, or not your style, or shows off a bit too much skin!) then wear that outfit today.

You should also experiment with buying some new style and outfit for yourself. If you want a cost-effective & stylish makeover of your wardrobe, then you should definitely check out what AJIO’s online store offers to you. Also, make sure you use Ajio coupon code and offers and save money on online fashion.

Accessorize & Differently

Now that you have decided that you will change your dressing style and you will accompany it with a changed hairstyle, it is time to experiment with accessorizing differently. If it is summer season, then you can try a jute hat or a sunglass (check what shape glasses suits your face cut).

If you wear low-key jewelry, then for a change try chunky jewelry; there are some beautiful jewelry pieces available at AJIO online store. You can check them out and order some bold & stylish necklaces & earrings for yourself.

Get a new hairstyle

A new hairstyle is always one of the easiest and coolest ways of getting into a fresh look. But this time, do not just go for a mild change like getting a ‘V cut’ instead of ‘U cut’. Go overboard this time. Get that Aqua green hair color or go for that boy cut you have been wanting for a long time. Your face cut and your overall look changes dramatically when you change your hairstyle!

If you are about to embark upon a new journey in your life and want to start fresh, then changing your overall look will imbibe a new sense of confidence within you. If you do not want to experiment much with your original hair, then I have a solution for you; you can actually go for human hair wigs. There are colorful extensions available that will also give a volume to your hair & they look pretty cool!

Try that New Makeup Kit

Apart from a hairdo, you can do something different with your face as well! Maybe a new color eyeliner or some sparkling eyes; everything works. You can start small with probably a pink-base foundation or a yellow one (whatever makes you feel good!) and a bit of contour. You can highlight your cheekbones and draw wings around your eyes; whatever it is, try something new.

Get Stylish & Trendy

It is not enough to change your wardrobe, your hair, and your accessories; there is so much more to the story. Tiny details add to your personality and make you look different. For example, painting your nails according to your rest of the ensemble is kind of important. Experimenting with various scents and then settling onto one or two is important; this is important because your body has its unique scent and the fragrance you use should complement your original body scent. You can try that bold lipstick shade for a change! The point here is that you need to add some details to yourself so that you achieve a new and perfect look for yourself.

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