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7 Haunted Places Of Worship In The World


7 Haunted Places Of Worship In The World

1. Most Holy Trinity Church

most holy

This Holy place is located in New York and was supposedly a cemetery, where not all the bodies were disinterred properly. It is believed that the souls of such people haunt the church. Visitors stopping over the place can hear voices and see the lights turning on and off.

2. Christ Church Alexandria


This Church is located in Virginia and is a national Landmark, where souls of the dead are seen rising in and out of the graves by the people who walk by the place.

3. Church of Saint Andrew

st andrew

This place is in New York and people have witnessed the candle flames moving to and fro and chimes shaking vigorously in the middle of the night.

4. Washington National Cathedral

As the name suggests, this cathedral is in Washington DC and is supposedly haunted by President Woodrow Wilson who is said to walk the hall every night tapping his cane against the wall.

5. Adam’s Grave Church


A man with red eyes, wearing a hat is often seen wandering the cemetery.

6. Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church: Wyoming

st marks
Legend says a stone man died while building the tower and his soul resides here mumbling to himself and banging the wall

7. Saint Paul’s Chapel: New York

st pauls chapel

The Chapel located in Lower Manhattan is supposedly haunted by the soul of George Frederick Cooke, who donated his head to science to pay for medical bills.

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