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7 Must Do Things After Your Arranged Marriage Gets Fixed!!!

7 Must Do Things After Your Arranged Marriage Gets Fixed!!! RVCJ Media


7 Must Do Things After Your Arranged Marriage Gets Fixed!!!

1. Meet often

If it is an arranged marriage, it is important you meet ample number of times before you get married. You should at least have a habit to see that person often whom you are going to see each day of your life after marriage.


2. Send sweet surprises

Who doesn’t like surprises ??
A bouquet of flowers here and there, a small bottle of nice fragrance, would only add magic to you newly started relationship. As they say, “jitnagudhdaaloge, utnameethahoga”


3. Talk a lot with each other

People generally feel shy in the beginning but gradually you need to open up and talk to each other. Sharing yourself is the key to strong foundation of a relationship.


4. Watch movies together

Watch few movies together, some of her choice and some of his choice and yes, you are allowed to cry on those emotional scenes in front of them. Anyways they are going to tolerate you for their lifetime now 😛


5. Make calls to each other

Yes it is a bit awkward in the beginning as to what to talk but it is important to talk so call each other often. Let the chat begin with – how was your day ?had lunch ? etc and gradually you will start talking.


6. Video chats

It is the era of technology and use it to maximum in order to get used to each other. After few days you have to see the same face throughout your life so why not start now, with small duration video calls.


7. A tight hug

It is important to show your love for your partner. What better than – ‘Aa gale lag ja… 😛 ‘
Who knows, a jadukijhappi might do some jadu for you


Do add if you feel we missed anything!!! Also do tell us whether you are interested for Love marriage or Arranged Marriage in comments section below? We would like to know what our current generation thinks.

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