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7 Pictures Only Gamers Can Relate To


7 Pictures Only Gamers Can Relate To

Gaming  is something which is like a drug, a drug which will cause no harm in 99% cases. F*ck social-life, GTA V on PC just arrived a couple of days ago and I know many people around the globe are surely playing it continuously like me. So, we thought that why don’t make we share some pictures for those gamers. Gamers are regarded as unsocial, boring people but believe me we don’t do harm to anyone by playing games. We only kill people in the games and playing games also improve your “reaction-time.” Let me present those pictures to you guys. And gamers please pay attention to every picture below –

1. *GTA San Andreas – HESOYAM* – The Best Combo.


2. Frame-rate Is Dropping Man – Need A NVIDIA GTX 980 2-Way SLI (3-Way Would Be Even Better)


3. Please Cruel World – I’m On The Last Stage


4. Yes, I’ve Clan Biot*h


5. *Assassins Creed*


6. People Ask – “What Time Is It?” We Ask – “Which Month Is It?” 


7.  We Don’t Die, We Respawn


So gamers, were this pictures able to bring some smile on your face? And what about those one-line pic captions?

Image Source – Doodlers. A big big thanks to you guys for making this amazing pictures and sharing them with us.

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