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7 Posters That Will Convince You About The Shaadi Ke Side Effects


7 Posters That Will Convince You About The Shaadi Ke Side Effects

The life of a person changes after marriage. And, thus we can easily classify the life as Pre & Post Marriage. And, when it comes to our society, as said – Men are the one who are likely most affected. But how?
These poster will convince you with the same ideology! It is the men who have to change his life a complete 360 degree!

And, some of the biggest change are shared by Good Bad Weird from 100crorefilms.

Truly, Shaadi ke Side Effects

1. No more corner seat as well


2. Where art those days? Sobs 🙁 🙁


3. Extra Weight-age


4.You cannot choose the books also 🙁


5. This will create Drama in your house as well


6. Lots of Space – Emptied


7. And, the changes continues


Which else drastic change a man has to face? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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