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7 Reasons Why We Absolutely Love Rajnikanth V/s CID Jokes


7 Reasons Why We Absolutely Love Rajnikanth V/s CID Jokes

1. First things first, these guys are suppppppper funny beyond question and make us giggle undeniably.

2. They talk claptrap sometimes, which we eventually end up adoring them.

3. There is no relevance with the topic of the page whatsoever and these guys have millions of followers. Ah….. role models.


4. The posts are such that you can relate so much, you could cry.  🙁


5. The content is hell original. Yeah. Trust me. Hard working people these guys are. That is why they are so famous. Makes sense right? 🙂


6. They will make you laugh, no matter how bad your day is. Yes, part time magicians they are. Making a difference in the world.


7. Apart from being funny these guys are equally serious when it comes to societal issues. #respect

So that’s it guys. This was a little dedication from a fan to the admins of this page. Love you guys. Keep Rocking. And thanks for publishing this one.

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