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7 Reasons Why Happn Is 100 Times Better Than Other Dating Apps!


7 Reasons Why Happn Is 100 Times Better Than Other Dating Apps!

Often, you cross path with someone, get instantly attracted to him/her but at the end, put a full stop to this, because you think you have NO OPTION. Then someone comes to you & tells you to use a typical dating app to find the love of your life; we bet, you can’t use it more than 2 days, thanks to those shitty features, which make you believe that love is nothing but a “JOKE”.

Keep all that aside; if you really want a dating app which can make you fall in love your crush and vice versa, you have to trust “Happn”. Many users have actually labeled this app as a blessing of God and it’s no exaggeration; after reading this article below, you will be tempted to use it right away!

If you have lost trust in the “App culture” due to other boring apps, let us tell you that your mindset will completely change after using Happn.

Below, we will discuss 7 reasons why Happn is 100 times better than other app!

1. Happn does NOT compromise on important details!

Happn app is much more than just time-pass. It wants you to get involved in some serious dating; the profiles you will find on it are 100 percent genuine and are completely updated. You would never find any section missing. While other apps expect you to choose on the basis of photo alone, Happn lets you access the about us section and gives you all the necessary details!

2. No pressure of choosing on the spot!

Some apps promise to offer a lot but ultimately, offer you limited choices, leaving you confused. For instance, on some apps you have an option of either “Rejecting” or “Accepting” by swiping left/right, and until you don’t do it, you can’t access the next profile. Sometimes, it creates a lot of pressure when the app asks you to take on the spot decision. Choosing your soulmate is an important thing and it can’t be done within seconds, right? With Happn, things are pretty cool. All options are shown at once and you have your own sweet time to choose the right one.

3. No fear of long distance relationships & being ditched.

While other apps connect you to people all across the globe, Happn acts realistically and gives you choices from your nearby area. What’s the use of getting in touch with long distance people and then getting ditched? Wouldn’t it be much better to use this local dating app & fall in love with a genuine person from the same locality or may be the same workplace?

4. Main focus is on getting like-minded people together!

While other apps just want to increase the user base by adding anyone and everyone, Happn is quite sorted. The factor of “Like mindedness” is very prominent here; for instance, if you are at a library, you would be shown other people who had visited there along with you. This gives you a chance to meet someone who shares a similar interest i.e. reading, just like you. Other apps are hardly bothered about this categorization.

5. Excellent for people who give priority to careers!

When we talk of competitor apps, the professions aren’t given a priority, but with Happn, things become convenient for people who wish to choose their partner on the basis of profession. One attractive feature of Happn is that it imports the profession details of a person from his/her Facebook profile. So if you want to date an engineer, you can choose one from the list easily! After all, it’s all about your choices!

6. “See you there” feature is amazing!

This is a mind-blowing feature but unfortunately, it’s not there on other apps! With Happn’s “See you there”, you can choose from a list of favorite activities; for instance, if you feel like going for a drink, you can choose that activity and other Happners in the nearby locality can view it on their timeline. In case a person is interested in the same activity as you, he/she might propose to join you.

7. No worry of profiles disappearing; visit as many times as you want!

Unlike other apps, Happn lets you visit the profile you like, as many times as you want. Even though the person you have sent a like to, hasn’t liked back, you won’t face any restriction on visiting his/her profile. It will remain on your grid, thereby allowing you to access it multiple times. This is the biggest plus point, right?

So didn’t these reasons convince you to use Happn?

Click here to download Happn app right away.

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