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7 Biggest Travel Mistakes Indians Make While Traveling Abroad

7 Biggest Travel Mistakes Indians Make While Traveling Abroad


7 Biggest Travel Mistakes Indians Make While Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad can be an exciting adventure for Indians, but it’s important to be aware of the biggest travel mistakes Indians make while traveling abroad that can turn a dream trip into a nightmare

Traveling abroad is an exhilarating experience that opens doors to new cultures, landscapes, and adventures. However, even the most seasoned travelers can fall victim to common mistakes that can dampen the spirit of exploration. In this article, we will shed light on some of the biggest travel mistakes Indians make while traveling abroad. 

By being aware of these pitfalls and taking proactive measures to avoid them, you can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable international travel experience. So, whether you’re a first-time traveler or a frequent jetsetter, read on to discover valuable insights that will help you navigate foreign lands with confidence and avoid the common travel pitfalls that many Indians encounter.

The biggest travel blunders Indians make, whether it be overpacking, forgetting cultural quirks, or underestimating visa requirements, are frequently due to a lack of planning and awareness. 

7 Biggest Travel Mistakes Indians Make While Traveling Abroad

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Avoidable inconveniences and disappointments might result from not purchasing travel insurance, overpaying on pointless things, or neglecting to learn about local customs and etiquette. You may make wise judgements, make the most of your travel opportunities, and generate priceless memories when travelling overseas by taking advice from others’ experiences and arming yourself with crucial information. 

Let’s examine the most frequent and the biggest travel mistakes Indians make so that we can arm ourselves with the knowledge to make our overseas journeys truly memorable.

1. Don’t Take Cabs, Use Trains or Buses

Indian tourists who visit overseas frequently make the mistake of only using taxis for transportation. Despite their seeming convenience, taxis can easily break your bank, especially in popular tourist destinations. Use buses or trains as an alternative for your local transport needs.

They not only offer a chance to engage with other travellers and experience the local culture, but they are frequently more economical. Many nations have excellent and well-connected public transport networks, making them a dependable and affordable choice for exploring new locations. So board a bus or train and take in the scenery like a local.

7 Biggest Travel Mistakes Indians Make While Traveling Abroad

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2. Don’t Fall for the Tourist Restaurant Trap

When it comes to dining abroad, another common travel mistake is falling for the tourist restaurant trap. Many popular tourist areas are lined with restaurants that cater specifically to tourists, offering overpriced and often mediocre food. Instead of settling for these establishments, venture off the beaten path and explore local eateries where the locals dine. 

Not only will you discover authentic flavors and culinary delights, but you’ll also experience the true essence of the destination. Ask locals for recommendations, check online forums or travel apps for hidden gems, and be open to trying new cuisines. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

3. Check Insta Pages and Do Research

Social media sites like Instagram may be a great source of travel inspiration and knowledge in the current digital era. Check out Instagram accounts devoted to the place you’re visiting before you leave for your trip. These sites frequently provide breathtaking images, insider information, and suggestions from other travellers. 

To be considerate and aware of cultural sensitivities, you should also thoroughly research local customs, traditions, and etiquette. Understanding the local way of life will improve your vacation experience and make navigating social situations easier.

7 Biggest Travel Mistakes Indians Make While Traveling Abroad

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4. Don’t Carry Cash Around

Carrying excessive amounts of cash while traveling abroad is a common mistake that can put your finances at risk. Instead, opt for safer alternatives such as using credit cards or pre-loaded travel cards. These offer convenience, security, and ease of tracking your expenses. 

Additionally, notify your bank about your travel plans to avoid any unnecessary card blocks due to suspected fraudulent activity. It’s always wise to carry a minimal amount of local currency for emergencies or situations where cards may not be accepted, but be cautious and keep your cash secure.

5. Carry A Tiffin

Carrying a tiffin is a creative way to travel cheaply and have home-cooked meals while you’re away from home. A multi-tiered food container called a tiffin lets you pack and transport your own meals. In addition to saving you money on pricey restaurant meals, doing this also guarantees that you have access to a variety of wholesome foods, especially if you have certain dietary preferences or requirements. 

Additionally, having a tiffin on hand enables you to pack leftovers or snacks for last-minute picnics or extended day trips, making it a useful and affordable option.

7 Biggest Travel Mistakes Indians Make While Traveling Abroad

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6. Make Sure You Have International Roaming

Staying connected while abroad is essential, but relying solely on Wi-Fi may not always be reliable. One common mistake is not activating international roaming on your mobile phone plan. By enabling international roaming or purchasing a local SIM card, you can have access to data, make calls, and stay connected wherever you go. 

This ensures that you can navigate with ease, stay in touch with loved ones, and have a backup communication option in case of emergencies. Check with your mobile service provider well in advance to understand the available options and associated costs.

7. VAT Refund

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a consumption tax that many nations levy on goods and services. The VAT return scheme, which enables you to obtain a refund on the VAT paid for qualified purchases made during your trip, is crucial information for Indian travellers to be aware of. This can save you a lot of money, especially on expensive things. you benefit from this, be sure you make purchases at establishments bearing the “Tax-Free Shopping” or “Global Blue” brand and ask for a VAT refund form at the time of purchase. 

To receive your refund at the airport or other approved locations, follow the necessary steps. Remember that each nation has its own unique laws, so do your study and get acquainted with the procedure beforehand.

7 Biggest Travel Mistakes Indians Make While Traveling Abroad

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Traveling abroad can be an enriching experience, but it’s crucial to avoid common and the biggest travel mistakes Indians make while traveling abroad that can dampen the excitement. By being aware of the pitfalls and taking proactive measures, you can ensure a smoother journey. From opting for public transportation and exploring local eateries to conducting thorough research and avoiding excessive cash carrying, these tips will help you navigate foreign lands with ease and make the most of your travel adventures. 

Remember to stay connected with international roaming, consider carrying a tiffin for home-cooked meals, and take advantage of VAT refund opportunities. By learning from these mistakes, you’ll be well-prepared to create unforgettable memories and enjoy a hassle-free experience while exploring the world.

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