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8 DESI Things Only Indians Can Relate To!!


8 DESI Things Only Indians Can Relate To!!

We all are DESI and we like it that way!!  

Here are 8 Instances by BEING DESI that perfectly describes what it takes to be called as a DESI.

1. DESI Coz From Paani Puri To Paratha We Love Onions In Almost Everything!!Being Desi Art

2. DESI Coz We Are Against Wastage!!being desi

3. DESI Coz Its All About Saving Money!!being desi

4. DESI Coz Without That One Saada Puri It Is Too Expensive!!being desi

5. DESI Coz We Re-Use & Recyclebeing desi

6. DESI Coz We Know People In India Are Good At Heart!! being desi

7. DESI Coz We See Towels Everywhere Jeans, Trousers, T-shirts & Friend’s T-Shirt!!being desi

8. DESI Coz You Know It Gives You Special Powers To Do Well In Exams!!Desi

What do feel is Being DESI cool? Also Comment in the Box Below your version of BEING DESI


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