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8 Government Jobs That Are Actually Interesting And Exciting


8 Government Jobs That Are Actually Interesting And Exciting

People have different opinions when they talk of government jobs. They think government jobs require 9 to 5 working and sitting in a boring office. Given below are some government jobs that you will definitely find interesting:

1.Indian Foreign Services

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This is a very interesting job as you would get to go on various foreign trips. Moreover, you will get a white passport as well.

2.RAW Agent

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This is considered to be a very adventurous profession. It is fun to visit other countries and fake identities.

3.ISRO Scientist

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When you opt for this, you will get to enter into planetary missions and satellites. You will definitely get good results of the hard work that you have put in.

4.Archaelogist with ASI

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You will get a chance of drowning into culture, architecture and history. Do opt for it!

5.Tourist Guide

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With this profession, lot of new people can be met everyday. After a period of time, you would notice that you have made several contacts and friends.

6.Customs Officer

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You will get an opportunity of catching smuggled goods and smugglers. This is definitely going to be quite exciting.

7.University Professor

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People feel that the profession of teaching is very boring, but it is not so. With this, loads of new things can be learnt constantly.

8.Defense services

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Apart from getting a chance to fly on fast jet planes, you would get interesting things like pension after retirement, travel passes, medical facilities and personal residences.


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