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8 Most Irritating Habits Of Indian Husband

8 Most Irritating Habits Of Indian Husband


8 Most Irritating Habits Of Indian Husband

Sometimes Indian husbands tend to act very irritating for their wife. These can be very small habits that distress their honey. She may end up saying maine tumse shaadi kyun ki…


1.“Gila towel bed pe kyn rakha hai?”

They never care to put their wet towel for drying at the balcony. Also who cares about the wet bed sheet, looking bad sight when there are guests?



2.“Saturday and Sunday ko kyon nahi nahate?”

They never take bath at the Weekend and just spend it sleeping. They want tea, lunch, dinner all t bed. Or the other thing they can do is t watch TV with sports channel.



3.“Bas abhi pahoch raha hun, khana nikal ke rakho”

They say this but never reach the Dining Table on time. Even after they reach home, Watching sports, news, checking email, and sorting papers are the favorite time pass before meal.



4.“Aaj mera weekend hai, mai shave nahi karunga”

If it’s a Weekend forget about their Shave. Husbands get lazy at the weekends and hate grooming.



5.“Mera watch dekha hai kya, mera socks pata hai kahan rakha hai?”

Indian husbands can never find their basic Stuff at place. But they surely love to see them placed in proper order, but they don’t like to do it themselves. Even when they are at their same places kept by the wife, going to this can be a tedious job.



6.Smoking and Reading inside the Loo

This also makes others to wait outside.  Indian men love quiet corner in the morning… that is the bathroom to sit for half an hour.



7.“Aaj raat mai thik se so hi nahi paya”

They snore loudly themselves all the night and Complain in the morning that they haven’t slept well. They can also blame their wife’s that they occupied the whole bed.



8.Keeping a Messy house

They may not like messy house, but love to do it. They will snack on the bed, spill things around, untidy the house decor, etc. And when they are asked to clean, husband can sleep with the same mess.



These habits of your husband can be quite annoying, but at last don’t forget to know- they love you and care for you. It’s just that they are a little messy 😀

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