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8 Lies That You Were Taught In School

8 Lies That You Were Taught In School RVCJ Media


8 Lies That You Were Taught In School

School education is often criticized for not having any practical purpose. Today let’s take a look at some common facts which school taught us wrong.

1. If there weren’t any gravity in space, all the planets including the Earth would start moving in a straight line.


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2. He just bought the patent. The invention was already experimented by 22 other people including Nicola Tesla.


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3. Fellow artist Paul Gaugin cut it off with a sword during a fight.


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4. Actually, it’s a method of communicating threats.


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5. It was Viking Leif Erikson who discovered it in 1,000 A.D.


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6. The entire surface of tongue detects all tastes equally.


Fact Source

7. Not at all true.


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8. Human beings share a common ancestor with chimpanzees but we didn’t really evolve from chimpanzees.


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After reading this article, I hope you’re less ignorant.

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