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8 Reasons Why Indians Visit McDonald’s


8 Reasons Why Indians Visit McDonald’s

 Indians love to eat and be happy. There are variety of popular snacks and dishes available even at the street that are also famous worldwide. But, Indians are in a new trend to visit brand like McDonald’s. There are few reasons why they visit it that are listed below.

1. Free ka Wi-Fi milega. Indians love anything for free. We go mad!!


2. To show off. That’s me at the McDonald’s. Yo!

giphy (1)

3. Click our selfies or pic with McDonald’s man. Will can see children on his shoulders, hands, legs and where not. I pity the man!

giphy (2)

4. Just to update your social Medias like facebook or twitter. Do check-ins

Saying “having burger at McDonald’s”

giphy (3)

5. “mai to hamesha yahan aata hun”

To get all your relatives and friend when they visit your place. Just to show you are cool and trendy, yo!


6. All international brands are good

Even though you may love the tempting taste of chaat, vada-pav, etc at the outside stall. But, people love to sit for its international reputation.

giphy (4)

7. Recently opened a store on my location

We have grown up watching this brand in the city sides. As soon as this gets launched in the area, people gush to eat here. This is soooo famous…

giphy (5)

8. “Koi Bollywood star dikh jaaye”

Many go or even take their relatives coming from natives to McDonald’s to get a glance of celebs. Also when they see one, the words like “guess maine aaj kisko dekha? Katrina Kaif! She looked so beautiful! Par itni bhi lambi nahi hai, jitna screen pe dikhate hain? She is a little fat as well” and so on…..

giphy (6)

Hope we didn’t miss to mention anything. If we have….do comment below.

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