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8 Reasons Why Malayalam Movies Are Far Better Than Tamil & Bollywood Movies

8 Reasons Why Malayalam Movies Are Far Better Than Tamil & Bollywood Movies RVCJ Media


8 Reasons Why Malayalam Movies Are Far Better Than Tamil & Bollywood Movies

Once upon a time there was a time when people were obsessed with the No.1 tag, and come any movie it had a prefix, and started Aunty No.1, Beti No.1 , Hero No.1, etc. Then came a time when action comedy turned the table and there wasn’t any looking back. And, now the trend of making, remaking, sequel and prequel is doing the rounds. All thanks to South Indie cinema though, every other day you will be reading on the newspaper about the remake of a South Indian film in Bollywood, but how much do we understand, south India. Like seriously, Malayalam movies are far better than any Hindi or Tamil movies, and yet goes unrecognized.

Here’s the Top 10 reasons why Mollywood deserves much more attention.

1. History of Great Film Makers

While Indian region of Bengal, always boast of providing India with Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Ghatak, down in South, few filmmakers were equally astounding and have provided the world of cinema with some marvelous outings, Abraham and Aravindan these two film-makers had marked a difference in Mollywood and are still remembered for their movies. While the new generation directors are also talented to the brim and their work is also accumulating high acclaim.


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2. Far More Engaging Plots & Story

What is Hindi cinema? The one that defies all logic is what we call a Sallu movie, a movie that makes baseless things look romantic, that’s SRK for you.. But if you are looking for something with more substance and well, all movie masala combined together… Welcome to Mollywood.

3. Locations are more REAL

Indeed the locations in Malayalam movies shows more real and raw location unlike creating avante grand sets and adding more beautification for the sake of it… Local areas are much more important than outside locations.. After all they spend less and show us more!!


4. Stories That Are Real

Well, Hollywood has inspired us time and again to make movies based on real events.. Bollywood has experimented with this genre but has managed to only make biopic of sort.. Recently Rajesh Pillai’s movie Traffic was based on a real story all about a heart being taken from one place to another in rush hour traffic — from Kochi to Palakkad… And such stories have gripping effect.


5. Malayalam movies shows the real Hero

In no way we mean to criticize other movies, but if you compare Malayalam movies with Hindi or Tamil, you will notice one thing, they make the heroes look real sans the Ferrari, Tom Ford Suit, London Palace and New York Romance. Here heroes are normal cable operator with more knowledge than a cop…


6. Youth Connection is For Real

Yeah, unlike Tamil and Hindi movies where heroine wears micro-mini and transports to Switzerland for songs and hero fights 20 goons, Malayalam movies depicts something more actual.. Most of the Indian youths today shift their base from one city to another, are more complex in emotions… Anjali Menon’s Bangalore Days is a movie based on similar lines.

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7. Less Dramatic

No dialogue repeatation after a slap.. Kya Kya Kya?? No Goons flying is one Dishoom!! Nor the shirt tearing off automatically.. This is Mollywood for you! Welcome to Reality. The hero cries, get beated up and is rejected. As Bobby the producer of How Old Are said, “We use emotion as a raw material, and it always works.”

8. Provider of Remake

Indeed many Tamil and Hindi films have been inspired by Malayalam cinemas. In fact, Tamil movie makers remake Malayalam movies, which is again remade by Hindi directors and thus the cycle continues.


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