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8 Signs That Prove You Are A Coffee Addict


8 Signs That Prove You Are A Coffee Addict

Should you be bothered that you cannot start your day without a cup of hot caffeine? Or just feel too good about it to even bother? The struggle to decide is for real just as your affinity towards a cup of coffee!

Maybe you should stick to green tea in order to avoid any caffeine related health issues;but more you try to get away, the more you are into it! That’s what we call coffee addiction for real.

1. When you get a headache or sudden withdrawals without your cup of coffee :
Coffee addiction is really strong when the first thing is a mug, full of brewing hot coffee that comes
into your mind when you are up in the morning.

2. When your local coffee shop people greets you by your first name :
We have friends almost everywhere, but when you are on the first name basis with your local cafe people, and
they already know your preferable cup, then you are so into it!

3. When it’s a strong cup of coffee that you need to concentrate :
Modern life is tiring, it requires you to be on board with respect to anything and everything, always. So it’s
always that steaming cup which comes to your rescue.

4. When half of your shared memes are coffee related :
Memes are modern day improvised sense of humor that manifests our inner self theory; when you find your own
shared memes screaming your immense love for coffee, you are so at it!

5. When Coffee mugs and coffee bean packs are your patent birthday gifts :
Near and dear ones presents you with your favorite piece of things on your birthday or on any special occasions;
and when it is a coffee mug or your favorite pack of beans, it is so because you love it!

6. When you own dozens of text tees declaring coffee as your first love :
T shirts are always a great part of your wardrobe, and when you have coffee related quote tees in a dozen of
varieties, you know you so own the addiction.

7. When you spent most of your salary in recreating your favorite fancy cup of coffee :
Coffee covers almost a huge chunk of your monthly expenses; you are in Barista or Starbucks, sinfully sipping
your favorite mug, and you are not even sorry for it!

8. When the very idea of giving up coffee gives you serious goosebumps :
Giving up is not easy, especially if it is your favorite piece of addiction; but that thought of moving away
from coffee and living without it gives you serious second thoughts, then it’s yours, already.

So, be a proud coffee lover and be ready to shun away any objections , people has regarding your undying love
for it; because you don’t care! Have a coffilicious Day!

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