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8 Top Options For Meme Maker Online That You Can Use For Free

8 Top Options For Meme Maker Online That You Can Use For Free RVCJ Media


8 Top Options For Meme Maker Online That You Can Use For Free

Never underrate the value of a great meme! While you may not take all these pictures critically, it is essential to understand that they are incredibly powerful influencers and perfect for distributing a message. If you love sharing internet memes with friends and coworkers, there is an excellent chance that your customers do well. As a result, you might have wondered at some point how memes may be turned into an advertising and marketing strategy.

The concept of meme advertising has been put to use in the marketing world already. Let us take a look at the top meme maker online options that you can use for free:

1. MemeGenerator

This online image maker permits you to add custom resizable images to text. It functions in HTML5 canvas, so your images are made right away on your device. Most commonly, individuals use the generator to include text captions to recognize memes. But, you can also upload your images as templates.

Main features:

  • Over 1000 high-quality meme templates with several comical example captions.
  • Generate your Breaking News memes.
  • Share memes via an app on your device or save them to your gallery.
  • Adjust text colour and size freely.
  • No watermarks are added to memes.
  • More than 60 fonts to choose from.
  • 2. InVideo

    Making memes is a simple task as platforms like InVideo allow you to generate memes in a second with the multiple templates they offer. You need to sign in to this if you want to create a meme and check through the vast library of templates and choose one that goes with your theme. Include text to make it interesting and share it on social media.

    Main features:

  • Choose from a list of colours and fonts.
  • Get the meme done in seconds.
  • 3. Livememe
    This meme generator is very simple to use. The homepage contains a few chosen images that are in style. Click on the ‘create a meme’ option, and you will find a list of menu that is thumbnails of all the famous memes. You may choose any image to create your meme, or upload your image and add the appropriate text.

    Main features:

    • Ability to make custom image memes.
    • Includes almost every popular meme as pre chosen images.
    • Share created memes easily.

    4. Quickmeme

    Create hilarious memes in seconds. Select from the most well-liked meme templates, include top and bottom text, share it with on social media or download. It allows you to navigate through memes and make yours from any combination of images and text. To make a meme click on “upload a funny”, and begin from scratch. If you want to choose a famous picture and add your text, you can do so using the “caption a meme” option.

    Main features:

    • Create a meme with your images or renowned images.
    • Login with Facebook and set up your account and save the memes you create.

    5. Imgur
    It is the easiest way to find out the Internet magic, with everything from funny pics of pets, to hilarious GIFs from movies and TV shows, LOL pics, breathtaking puns, science facts, comics, and art. It is sure to make you laugh. Imgur is not just the best meme app or GIF viewer on the internet. It is home to all the viral videos and funny photos you are looking for.
    Memes, funny memes, glorious memes, trending memes, vintage memes, and then only the wonderful and weird ones – they have got a meme for every occasion literally.
    Main features:
    Take just a minute to make a meme with your image or pre-chosen ones.
    Imgur also provides an image hosting service.
    6. Canva
    With Canva’s free generator, you can take a superb moment easily and make it a viral meme in minutes. Making a meme using Canva is easy and free. With the drag-and-drop editor, you can modify your meme with zero restrictions—no font restrictions, no watermarks, and flexible templates.
    Upload instantly and rotate your image, choose any font, add infinite text boxes, in as many colours you wish, and select the format you would like to download your meme in. Whether you are on your iPad, iPhone, desktop or Android, Canva’s tool has easy share buttons that enable you to instantly download or share your memes straight to social media.
    Main features:

    • Ability to make memes with your images.
    • Huge collection of stock images.
    • Option to change text and font colour.
    • Option to add filters to images.

    7. Meme Creator
    Meme-Creator is a generator developed for the web to create memes easily. It is meant for ease of use and simplicity, for making easy and complex memes fast. The site does not require you to create an account and is completely free. It is possible to adjust the colour and text size when you are using this meme creator.

    Main features:

    • Complete mobile support (IOS, Android).
    • Text and image support (scaling, moving, change colour, font, outline).
    • Custom meme creator with a chosen background.
    • No watermarks for created memes.

    8. iLoveIMG

    If you want to create a meme, then you must visit the site of iLoveIMG. The homepage will allow you to upload an image or choose a meme template to begin. Text boxes are present, but you can edit them with your text and see how they appear. You can even add more lines of text.

    Main features:

    • Simple meme creation with custom or uploaded images.
    • Ability to include more than two lines of text.

    Final Thoughts

    With an online meme maker, you can create memes whenever you want. You can even share it with friends and save it on all your devices.

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