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8 Ways To Keep Indian Husband Happy

9 Ways To Keep Indian Husband Happy


8 Ways To Keep Indian Husband Happy

Husbands are often related to intimacy, sports, food, non-caring. But, at the same time they are also committed, emotional and caring for their family. This can also differ from person to person, but few things can ruin the relationship. Thus, to avoid them below are few tips to keep your husband happy and loving you forever.

1. Lo, aaj tum jeete!

I know this is a real difficult task for any wife to let them win. Often husband are made to lose any domestic fights. This will add a boost to his ego and will help you win the next victory really easy. 😀

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2. Treat him to pamper

This may sound a little girly, but trust me this works. Once in a while you can take him for dining out, buy a gadget gift, or make vacation plans with your own funds. Keep this a surprise to add more fun. This plan will also be very beneficial for you, as he may do the same for you in future. So girlz…it’s just a future investment!


3. Tumhe kya accha lagta hai?

Your husband always fantasies about few things. Thus, you can get to know this by asking him questions like…what’s your hobby? Do you like to be controlled by me? Make sure..Your relation isn’t too old or this may also get into fight…did he just say……tumhe ab tak ye nahi pata hai?

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4. Be his best friend

This will also make you more flexible and a supportive wife. You can easily adjust and be honest about him. Not so honest that you hurt him.

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5. Mai kitni kushnasib hun!

I am sure all wife love to listen these words from their husband. In the same way, they love it too. You can always praise for their habits, hardwork and qualities.

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6. Kabhi uski pasand ka bhi kar lo

You can watch cricket or football match with him, love his hobbies, listen his favourite songs, go for a long drive with him, treat him mom, go for outing with his friends to show you care and love him.

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7. Thodi azadi

Giving your husband a little space will surely not take him to wrong direction. Believe him when he is true and loves you. Don’t keep checking his mobile call log and messages. Remember dialogue from the movie masti “jaanu you love me no? jaanu you miss me no?”

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8. Hugs and kisses

“XOXO” is the best way to make your husband happy. Do it even when you have no reason for it! This will surely help you melt him like butter.

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These easy tricks will surely help you make your husband happy. Do you have any more ways to add? Leave your comments below!

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