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8 Weirdest Phobias One Can Have


8 Weirdest Phobias One Can Have

As humans we tend to have a lot of irrational fears, be it ghosts or small insects or anything. But things can turn out to be pretty serious when these fears go out of control and it turns out as phobias. People can hyperventilate, or even have a mental breakdown if they come face to face with it. The word phobia was established in the 1700s and has been used since. Here is a list of phobia that was are pretty weird.

1. Heliophobia

The fear of the sun, sunlight or any bright object.

2. Lachanophobia

Fear of eating vegetables.

3. Haphephobia

Fear of touch, a simple touch can cause severe anxiety or panic.

4. Coulrophobia

Fear of jokers, well this is a bit justified. They are a bit creepy, aren’t they?

5. Neophobia

Fear of new things.

6. Turophobia

Fear of cheese, seriously. I have a fear that I won’t have enough cheese.

7. Gephyrophobia

The fear of bridges.

8. Ascendophobia

Fear of going up and down of an escalator or stairs or lift.

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