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9 Bechari Moms Of Bollywood

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9 Bechari Moms Of Bollywood

Our Bollywood stars have make and broke many trends and fashion in B town. But when it comes to performance, acting, action, drama they won’t give it back. They have made all the possible efforts the make us happy and enjoy through their movies. Our Bollywood industry is a blend of many characters which varies from Jhassi ki Rani to bubbly, Munni, sheela and jabeli bai. We have got all those candid moments that we always want in our real life. We have many off screen Bollywood celebrities who have grown up today as lovely and yummy moms. Let’s check some of the celebrities onscreen who gave a complete justice to mom but perhaps played a role of ‘bechari Moms’ in the movie, check them out here.


Kiran kher in Dostana

She plays a role of Bichari mom in the movie ‘Dosatana’ where she figures out perfectly that her son Abhishekh Bacchan has no more feelings left for girls, infact he is in love with John Abhram .Towards the end she gives them blessing to live their life happily.



Jaya bacchan in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum

In the movie ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum’ Jaya bachhan is has two sons- Shahrukh khan and hritisk roshan. But Shahrukh Khan gets separated as he decides to marry Kajol. Jaya Bacchan is in deep love with his elder son and strives many years to get him back home.



Rekha in Koi Mil Gaya

She is portrayed as a bold mom in ‘Koi mil gaya’ where she is blessed with an abnormal son Hritik Roshan. People make fun of Hritik wherever he goes due to the inmaturity he shows everywhere. She controls her emotion and tries to be a support for his son.



Kajol devgan in We are Family

In her movie ‘we are family’ she is blessed with a sweet husband Arjun Rampal and three little kids. She suffers from cancer in the movie and before resting on the death bed she takes a decision to handover her kids to Kareena (external affair of Arjun)



Hema Malini in Baghban

Baghban movie is among the favourite lists where Hema Malini and Amitabh Bacchan are separated by their own children. She stays separately from her husband in the whole movie, and finally gets together at the end.



Amrita Singh in 2 States

She plays a role of a strict Punjabi Mom in the movie ‘two states’, where her son falls in love with a Tamil girl (alia). She fights with her son throughout the movie to get a punjabi bride but was finally unsuccessful.



Supriya Pathak in Ram-Leela

She was able to pull all the appreciation to portray a perfect mom in the movie Ram–Leela. Inspite of several warning Deepika (daughter) falls in love with Ranveer who belongs to the enemy community, who eventually decides to suicide together for their love because of her mom’s peace, respect and ego.



Vidya Balan in Paa

In the movie ‘Paa’ Vidya delivers a son who has a disease which does not allow his brain to grow and would die after some years. Her former husband Abhishek Bachhan never marries her; she takes all the responsibility to serve his son the best.



Smita Jaykar in Devdas

She played an excellent mom role in the movie ‘Devdas’ as ‘Kaushalya’. She didn’t allow his son (Shahrukh khan) to marry the love of his life (Aishwarya Rai). Smita Jaykar losses his son as he turns out to be a Devdas and decides to give up his life.



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