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9 Best Reasons Why Hostel Life Is Unforgettable


9 Best Reasons Why Hostel Life Is Unforgettable

Hostels in olden days were boring, felt homesick, and had worst mess food. These days huge amount is charged by the hostels to get all the facilities. But, apart from that the fun is unlimited, you can have loads of friends, full masti and all these at no time bound. Thus, today we have listed few points for the reasons why hostel life is Unforgettable.

1. “Aaj tak kabhi maine apne ghar me jhaadu nahi maara hai!” So who cares about the hostel…you can maintain your rules to untidy the room and throw things here to there.


2. No waqt ki pabandi…forget the trirr—tirr of your alarm clock and sleep even till 1pm,,,, who cares.

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3. Break the Rules…This is done by many students for fun sake and keep themselves in illusion that they don’t listen to anyone. This is an achievement for them.

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4. Khaoo-pioo mast raho. Among many students in a class, some or the other have their birthday and thus a celebration. This gets you free food & free booze for those who drink.

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5. Lifetime Friends that are from various states, culture, tradition caste and backgrounds. Thus you can jam up at hostel, while some may become your lifetime friends.

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6. There are always few genius friends in your group who love to make notes and complete projects. Thus, pals take their best benefit especially during exams time or to copy the notes when they don’t attend.

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7. Hostel life is a Celebration, even though it has no reason. “chal yaar aaj booz karte hain, us sir ne dimag ki maa behen ek kar di.”

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8. “Thoda toothpaste de na”…and it’s not just this, roommate and friends also share clothes, socks, notes, ties, deo, soap, food, just everything. And there is always a chor in the group who does it unknowingly.

Also some parents send homemade snacks with them for few months…but as soon as they enter the room…its gone and shared among all.


9. Gossips keep coming in the Hostel shed, especially about the teachers and affairs.

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