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9 Cricketers With Funny Expressions Which Will Give You A Good Laugh!!


9 Cricketers With Funny Expressions Which Will Give You A Good Laugh!!

From Sachin to Muralitharan you have seen them on field doing wonders for their team. They broke many records, won many titles and they are loved by millions of fans across the globe. But when it comes to cameras even they have not been spared 😛 Like any other sports cricket involves physical exercise and skill in which cricketers have to compete to win the game. While playing the game players express their enthusiasm. Sometimes just goes with the game and sometime they become part of fun on the internet. Let us have a look at few funniest and wired enthusiastic expressions of cricketers captured. We just tried to add in some funny one liners and check out what happens if some of them are complemented with famous Bollywood dialogues. It Just Doubles The Fun!!

1. Basanti In Kutto Ke Saamne Mat Naachna


Source: CricInfo

2. Bhai Tere Peeche Ladki Hai.. Ek Jhatke Mein Mat Palatna..


Source: raowords

3. Kuch Pane Ke Liye ….Kuch Khona Padhta hain


Source: bbc

4. Balwant Rai Ke Kutton.


Source: thewicketpost

5. Nahiiiii.. Bhagwaan Ke Liye Mujhe Chhod Do!!

Shoaib aktar

Source: topnews

6. Oooo.. Lolita!! Babe!!

Jonathan Trott

Source: mirror

7. Waqt Se Pehle Aur Kismat Se Zyada.. Na Kisi Ko Mila Hai Na Milega.

Virat kohli

Source: bhaskar

8. Agar Yeh Jhoot Hua… Toh Yeh Tumhara Aakhri jhoot Hoga

Brad hogg

Source: worldcup

9. Hum Sar Kata Sakte hai … Lekin Sar Jhuka nahi sakte

Source: guardian

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