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9 Facts Which Prove Alcohol Is Actually Good For You!


9 Facts Which Prove Alcohol Is Actually Good For You!

Being an alcoholic is surely not a matter of pride! How would you like yourself to be called ‘bewada’ and ‘sharabi’? Well, but taking a drink sometimes isn’t that bad at all.. These facts prove it!

1. Lowers risk of cardio-vascular diseases.

Taking alcohol in moderate amount will increase high density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol which will make you less prone to heart diseases- by not letting the blood clot in arteries in the heart, neck and brain!

2. You may live a longer life!

According to study by Catholic university, drinking occasionally could lower the risk of death by 18%.

3. Protection from cold!

Who doesn’t know this? Red wine is very efficient way of keeping away from flu and helps keep the body warm!

4. It strengthens your brain!

Taking moderate amount of alcohol would make you brain cells tougher, and help cope up with stress.. which would in a way reduce the chances of getting dementia.

5. Lowers the chance of diabetes.

According to a Dutch study, people who drink one or two glasses per day are on lower risk of developing type-2 diabetes than who don’t drink at all.

6. It increases your libido.

Alcohol is known to increase and improve sexual drive.!

7. Get rid of bad breath!

Are you tired of chewing gums which yield no positive results for bad breath? Don’t worry! The high alcohol content in vodka is here to kill the unwanted smelly bacterias! Just spit it after use.

8. Look younger!

The special anti-oxidants in wine will boost your body and combat aging signs.

9. Get over your Ex. Period.

Shouldn’t this be on the top of the list? Alcohol and friends are the first thing you urge for after a bitter breakup! Alcohol- to ease the pain and friends- to stop you calling from your ex.

These facts are only going to be true if you consume alcohol in limited amount.. Else, there will be way more bad than good. Don’t drink and drive. Happy and safe drinking!

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