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9 Lessons You Can Learn From Bajirao Mastani


9 Lessons You Can Learn From Bajirao Mastani

Bajirao Mastani celebrates and entails the heroic but Painful life of Bajirao and is definitely a must watch. It surely teaches us many lessons. Listed below are few.

1.Be Loyal towards your Motherland

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Bajirao Ballal Balaji sacrificed his life for the country to save his kingdom from Mughals. The same traits were passed on to his son, Bajirao.  He went way ahead for protecting his motherland.

2.Always Be Confident

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He is portrayed as a very confident personality and owing to these values; he was successful in taking the place of his father as a Maratha General.

3.Loyalty towards Benefactors

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Mastani was seen saving his life in the war, owing to which she had to face brutal attacks. Bajirao showed loyalty towards Mastani and stood with her till the end, in spite of facing stiff opposition from his people.


4. Faithful towards first love

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Even after his second marriage with Mastani, his faithfulness and loyalty towards his first love Kashibai didn’t diminish at all.


5.Kind-Hearted and Just

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He hated any sort of injustice done to his countrymen. He stood for them in all possible ways he could.

6.Brave Warrior on the Battlefield

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He was a great and a brave warrior on the battlefield and could unsettle any opposition that he faced. He earned praises even from his enemies like Mughals.

7.Perfect Balance between Love and War

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Bajirao was seen soaked in sweat and blood and at the same time struck a perfect balance between Mastani, Kashibai as well as his conservative mother. It is clearly indicative that he knew his priorities well and had the capability of balancing it perfectly

8.Believe in Yourself

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Bajirao believed in himself and didn’t hold other peoples’ views no matter how important or critical they were.  Even though he married Mastani and faced opposition from his people, he didn’t change his opinions.

9.No discrimination

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Bajirao believed that love and compassion is the biggest religion. He believed everyone is equal and humane and they must all be given the same treatment.

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