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9 Mad Images Of Indians That Will Make You ROFL :D


9 Mad Images Of Indians That Will Make You ROFL :D

India is a democratic country with millions of Funny and troll people living here. Not only the men’s, but sometimes women too act as a laugher bomb to the common public. They just don’t realise what is their action is up to and what creates a sense behind it. Anyways when you see these humorous people with their funny actions and pictures, it will change your mood totally and you will surely laugh and after which you will say this can only happen in India. The post does not offence on anyone and their actions; it is just to share happiness and laughter through millions of readers. Let’s check out with some mad images of Indian.

1.People from India watching TV even when their house is in floods. This can seriously happen in India, where the population is so television crazy and serial experts that other things remain their inferior choice.

2. Ha-ha, Believe it or not every one of us have faced this, I don’t know what attracts women to rest their bumps on a women reserved seats. This is common in Indian buses, trains and with any other places where women seats are reserved.

3. Indians when they see a good poster on wall for few days, they will always try to scratch them and pull it out of walls. Here the dog decides to urinate in a special place, i.e. the mouth of Rajnikanth.

4. Here the son carries a water saver to the beech whereas his father fixes up many empty bottles together so that he does not drown in the water.


5.This is a real troll. A person treats his Maggie with an image of a snake making him rise and come out of the plate.

6. A women catches cow’s urine, where she does not finds any tap to get her hands washed.

7. A house in rural area gets his own customized shower at home. He fits a shower with a huge cooking vessel and enjoys his day shower.

8.This image from south Indian wedding, where the bride loads the groom with a huge ladoo in his mouth. The expression of the bride makes it much funny.

9.She is the Indian super women. She is on the skates and taking help from the cycle rickshaws in some rural area.

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