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9 Misconceptions People Have About Vegetarians and Veg Food

9 Misconceptions People Have About Vegetarians and Veg Food RVCJ Media


9 Misconceptions People Have About Vegetarians and Veg Food

“OMG! You are a Vegan! How are you even alive?” You are so modern, yet you don’t eat non-veg? How do you go on a booze party with friends? These are the common questions which a vegan is always asked. Non-vegans are always curious to know what their diet includes which keeps them so healthy? Most of the questions asked are mainly myths which over the course of time have been turned into facts which are not true at all. Being a non-vegetarian or a vegetarian is a personal choice.

Let us wipe some dust from the misconceptions now.

1. For best performance you need meat

9 Misconceptions People Have About Vegetarians and Veg Food RVCJ Media

Handsome men working out on the cable machine in the gym

Be it in the gym, sporting activity, daily chores, etc. It is widely believed by people that only meat can fill your body with hundred percent energy. Many vegetarians use plant fuels like vegetables, beans, fruits, grains, legumes, seeds and nut to energize themselves.

2. Vegetarian people are sleek and slim

If you eat a balanced diet, then you are likely to stay fit and healthy. Did you forget that the vegans can consume extra cheesy pizzas, soft drinks, chips, fritters, etc.? Making a wise choice on your plate is important.

3. Vegan food is expensive as compared to meat

Did you ever visit the butcher to buy meat or go to the vegetable vendor to buy veggies? The rate of meat is higher when compared to vegetables. The rate of seasonal vegetables is low when compared to the normal ones. You can even grow some in your garden.

4. Vegan food does not have enough protein needed for a human body

You can eat fibre only through the veggies none of the non-veg food can provide you with fibre. Animal proteins can be taken from milk, cheese, eggs, etc.

5. Vegetarian food is boring

The range of vegetarian food is so vast. You can mix match so many things. Even if you find butter chicken heavenly but you can stay without tasty pav bhaji, chole bhature, dosa, idli, pasta, pizza, dal makhani, dum aloo, etc. Uff all this is so tempting.

6. Travelling is difficult

The people of the west eat non-veg very profoundly. You can find vegetarian food, but it is difficult to get what you like. You can request especially to get you pure veg food, and many-a-times people agree to cook.

7. Do the vegans mind if meat is eaten in front of them?

9 Misconceptions People Have About Vegetarians and Veg Food RVCJ Media


Most of my friends are vegans, and they would not object if I eat non-veg with them, yet I maintain my courtesy and don’t eat non-veg in front of them. They just don’t want your tantrums that try it, or at least the gravy or a piece. Spare them, and they won’t bother you.

8. Humans were made to eat meat

ROLF. We have canine teeth, but that does not prove that we are meat eaters. We can digest meat easily, but our digestive system is more comfortable with plants.

9. Most of the vegans don’t hate meat

I have come across many people whose parents eat meat, but their kids are pure vegans. They don’t hate meat as it is cooked in their household, but they don’t like eating it.

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