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9 Most Romantic Posters Every Couple Can Relate To


9 Most Romantic Posters Every Couple Can Relate To

True, love is the most amazing and wonderful feeling of the world, which makes us feel special for someone! No matter we cared for ourselves earlier or not, but as we fall in love, we automatically start caring about our looks, hair, outfit, footwear and so son! Not only this, we begin to do things that we never did before! That’s why, love is considered to be above and beyond all the relationships which is simply incomparable and irreplaceable! Smile when sitting alone, lost in memories, shy behavior, more than necessary attention and care of looks, talking to your ownself; these are few major symptoms which confirm that you are in love! Now when the feeling is so beautiful, outcome and consequences are likely to be very romantic that you would never wish to come out of the world of your love and lover!!

Wittyfeed has brought into being 9 marvelous posters that every couple deeply in love with each other can relate to:

1. Sometimes I scare her, ‘cz I love it when she hugs me tightly!


2. I love to share the umbrella with you, ‘cz then you have to get closer to me!


3. When she cuddles me, my world gets complete!


4. I might not express much, but when I’m with you, time becomes my enemy!


5. I can do anything just to spend time with you!


6. She doesn’t know driving, but I can risk my life for her!


7. I don’t know how to dance, but I dance just to see her smile!


8. I love you more because you walk with me, even in my bad times!


9. She is a walking FM and I’m her addicted listener!



Aren’t they extremely romantic and cute? Which of these can you very much relate to yourself? Share what you think about love in your comments!



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