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9 New Generation Cartoons And Anime Which Are As Good As The Old Ones


9 New Generation Cartoons And Anime Which Are As Good As The Old Ones

I’m a ’90s kid and one of the best parts about my childhood is that I got to watch all the fantastic cartoons and anime like Dragon Ball Z, Beyblade, Tom & Jerry, Naruto etc. I grew up watching all this and I know all this cartoons are enough to send many of us back to the good old days. We all used to watch our favourite show “Pokémon” every afternoon after getting back from school. When I came to know that  Pokémon and Beyblade are going to be shown again on Hungama, I just didn’t have any words to express my happiness. It is 2015 and believe me or not, there are many new cartoons and anime which are equally good. Some of this shows are originally old but I am just gonna tag them as new on the basis of their release in India.

1.  Shinchan –

Sorry but I couldn’t find a better anime to start with. I know many will criticize me saying that it’s a anime from ’90s. To those people, Shinchan’s broadcasting  was restarted in 2009 with a very different look and feel.


2. Doraemon –

You may find Nobita dumb but you just can’t hate him.


3. Oggy And The Cockroaches Or Pakdam Pakdai –

The former is the original one and “Pakdam Pakdai” is the Indian version of that but both are equally good.


4. Ninja Hattori – 

This is a show I love very much, don’t know about you all.


5. Codename: Kids Next Door –

So which numbuh do you want to become?


6. Phineas And Ferb –

The vacation never ends and I hope it will never end as well.


7.  Dragon Tales –

Mai chahu, mai chahu, dil se mai yeh chahu, dragons ke sang udkar, dur desh chale jau.


8.  Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs –

I don’t know if anyone watches this show but I do.


9. Ben 10 –

Kids love this sci-fi show.


Rest of images – Source

Do you watch any of this cartoons? And yeah people will complain about “Bheem” but let me tell you that “Chhota Bheem” just went bad from series – II.

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