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9 Things You Experience On The Last Day Of Your College Life

9 Things You Experience On The Last Day Of Your College Life RVCJ Media


9 Things You Experience On The Last Day Of Your College Life

When you enter a professional college it always starts with numerous question marks. Just finished school and have to share a room with bunch of unknown kids? Woah! Thats too much! But once the much anticipated college life embarks you start building memories which are cherished for life. There was a time when you didnt want to leave home. And yet again its that time of your life when you dont want to go back to your home because friends have become your family ,your comfort zone and college is your home away from home. These 9 points will surely make the newly graduates go “I feel the same” and for others who have already taken the next step go “It was the end of an era”!

1. The series of “for one last time” begins

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That one last coffee together with friends…That one last time watching your favourite movie together…That one last time having a meal together…There are so many “one last times” that finally you say “for one last time” for that one last time!

2. You feel for your mess food in spite of cursing it every single day!

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Mess food has never tasted better when you know its last time you are having it with your friends and instead of cursing the food you decide on relishing it for once.

3. You get your “now or never” moment when you see your crush saying Hi to you and thats when you decide on confessing your feelings because its either now or never!

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That moment when your eyes meet and you realize you wont ever know the outcome of this endeavour if you dont confess your feelings RIGHT NOW!

4. The could-have-been scandalous spots in the campus are visited and what follows…a fresh start of gossips!

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And if at that spot your friend is spending some quality time with his girlfriend you make sure that he regrets it for the rest of his life..(pure evil)

5. The one sentence that starts giving you the creeps is “Beta ab toh family reunion do saal baad hi hogi tumhari shaadi mein”

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And you are like WTF!

6. You start using big words like “savings” and “bills”

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You start setting your mind frame for the world that awaits you where there will be no daddy’s money to support you. Its You vs the World

7. Craziness hits the roof!

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And nothing gives you more happiness when you see your friends joining in.

8. And now it makes you question your “responsible self” which you havent yet encountered!

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It makes you feel terrified to think how you gonna live alone without being the crazy you

9. Finally you leave your alma mater feeling incomplete,confused and empty. But when you go through the 30 plus GB of college pics folder you know you can conquer the world with your clan by your side.

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And thats when it hits you- It was all worth it!

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