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9 Ways For A Crazy Party When You Are Home Alone


9 Ways For A Crazy Party When You Are Home Alone

Lazy evening and nothing to do alone? Throw a party! No friends? Have it with yourself! Below are the steps you need to have a rocking party at home, All Alone!

Get alone


If you want to party you got to be alone! Ask your elders/roommates to leave the house for some time. It is better if you have the next day free if you get too hung-over.

Clear up the place


If you want to dance your way out or be crazy, you do need a lot of space. Choose a spacious room and clear out any obstructions. Keep a few pillows here and there.

Bring your snacks/booze


What party can be complete without your favorite snacks or booze? The best part is that you don’t have to share! Keep them in your party room and be careful that it doesn’t fall done when you’re crazy.

Set the music


Get your speaker setup ready. A good subwoofer is highly recommended for the right feel. Hook up your iPod or music system and blast out some remixes of your favorite Djs. You can get the remixes on the internet or maybe listen to radio stations on Saturday night. Whatever to get your heart thumping and body aching to dance!

Dim the lights


It is quite uneasy to dance in bright lights, so dim them out and get the feel of a party. Just don’t put them off completely or you’ll be tripping or falling here and there.

Let the party begin!


And as soon as your favorite song comes up, get to the dance floor to start grooving! Forget about the world and enjoy. Have your snacks and booze as you like… Just like the gif above!

Relax when tired


When you got enough of dancing, get some rest. Switch to some slow music and enjoy the endorphins high!

Order something


You don’t want to cook dinner when you’re tired, right? Order something for dinner. That gives a real feeling of eating out?

Sleep or Clean it up


If you have time the next day, you can just finish your dinner, put some relaxing music and sleep on the couch. Otherwise, be sure to clean up things in time. You don’t want anyone to know.

It may feel awkward at first but it’s a better way to spend your evening alone. Getting caught partying with yourself may be hell embarrassing. Be Careful, party hard!

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