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A Family Practiced to End Their Life, Well 5 Days in Advance

A Family Practiced to End Their Life, Well 5 Days in Advance RVCJ Media


A Family Practiced to End Their Life, Well 5 Days in Advance

A family of four, based in Mumbai had been practicing death for last five days and finally executed their plan on Friday night. Bharti Pal (25years) and her brother Somnath Kartik Pal (20years) both were found dead in their employer’s flat in Oshiwara. They hanged themselves from the hook and even left behind a suicide video note wherein they have alleged their employer – Tinku Singh of assaulting Bharti and beating Kartik ruthlessly.

The video recorded in Bharti’s phone shows her saying the Singh used to make physical contacts with her and even proposed marriage to her. And, all these assault made her take such severe step and she decided to end her life. They bought phone on 15th January, what seems like especially to record their suicide statement. Singh was taken to the Oshiwara police station for inquiry, where he confessed that he did liked Bharti, occasionally kissed her as well, but never made any sexual contact. But the reports suggest otherwise.
Now this remains to be seen if she was sexually active with the employer or she had a boyfriend.

Moreover, the parents of the two were also found dead in their Lokhandwala flat, in a very similar manner. The flat of Lokhandwala seemed like their ground for death rehearsal, since two more hooks were also seen attached but the brother-sister duo decided to end their life in their employers flat.

The police is looking into the matter, and the video and phone calls of the Bharti and her family members are being determined and checked so as to come to a conclusion as to why they all decided to end their life abruptly.


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