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A Family That Does Not Sleep..Never, Ever..!!

A Family That Does Not Sleep..Never, Ever..!! RVCJ Media


A Family That Does Not Sleep..Never, Ever..!!

As we all knows, Not feeling sleepy due to continuous work or mental tension is known as ‘Insomnia’,
you will never get asleep for the entire night and so many times people used to take sleeping pills so that they could fall asleep.

But….. Have you ever heard about the type of Insomnia where one cannot sleep for their entire life ??
Sounds crazy right ? But believe me it’s a fact.
Such type of Insomnia is knows as FFI that is FATAL FAMILIAL INSOMNIA…!
A person who is suffering from FFI couldn’t sleep, no matter how much hard they try and the hardest part about this disease is that there is no Treatment available to cure this disease.


There is one woman who is suffering from this thing, her name is Cheryl Dinges(left in the picture)
she is now totally depend on her doctors. The disease has steal her sleep, mind and will ultimately steal her life..!!

Medical explanation about it’s inheritance –
FFI begins with mild twitching, panic attacks and insomnia. In time, patients start to hallucinate and insomnia becomes so severe that they totally lack the ability to sleep. Ultimately, patients develop dementia and, eventually, die.


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