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A Fan Suggests An IPL Plan To Brad Hogg Who Likes It So Much That He Shared It With Sourav Ganguly


A Fan Suggests An IPL Plan To Brad Hogg Who Likes It So Much That He Shared It With Sourav Ganguly

The whole world is fighting with coronavirus and it has affected the sports industry to a great extent as well. As coronavirus is contagious, attending social events or crowded places is definitely not advisable and because of this, many sporting events have been either cancelled or postponed.

The Indian Premier League is also one of the sporting events which have been postponed. Earlier the cash-rich league was supposed to start on March 29 with defending champion Mumbai Indians (MI) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) playing the opener. But now the tournament has been postponed till April 15 as the foreign players won’t be able to join their franchises before that as the Indian government has revoked the visas of foreign nationals till April 15.

In a press conference, the BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has said that as 15 days have been reduced, the tournament has to be shortened. There were many on Twitter who gave suggestion as to how the tournament can be restructured and the former Australian cricketer Brad Hogg liked one suggestion so much that he tagged Sourav Ganguly and asked him to consider it.

One Twitter user whose handle is d_moinak suggested that two groups can be formed with 4 teams in each group and top two teams play the semi-finals and the final. He also asked to leave the home-away concept and limit the number of venues as well.

Here is what the Twitterati wrote, “Hi Brad. Would you be comfortable with an IPL format based on the Women’s T20 WC one. 2 groups, 4 teams in each. Top 2 from each play SF & then, Final. Do away with the home-away format & limit the no. of venues. Would be better logistically too & you can get a fair tournament.”

Brad Hogg liked the suggestion and he shared it with the BCCI President Sourav Ganguly.

His tweet read, “To Ganguly & #BCCI @d_moinak has a great solution for #IPL time poor scenario. 2 groups of 4 each play in one region, reducing travel requirements, with 2 semi finals and a final played at a different venue from group stages. Saves logistics & minimizes health risks.”

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