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A Father Puts In Efforts To Design This Creative Birthday Invitation Card For His Daughters 1st Birthday


A Father Puts In Efforts To Design This Creative Birthday Invitation Card For His Daughters 1st Birthday

What is happiness to you? Geting your first job? Salary? Girlfirend? Marriage? Baby? Imagine the level of happiness for a Man who becomes father for the very first time. Put a question to your parents and ask them about their reaction when you first said a Word, when you took your first steps, when you with your tiny hands held their fingers, ask them about your first birthday. I’m sure they still remember all these days and what all they did to make all these days a special one. Every moment from the day you were born till now is a memory to them. And the first birthdays are so special to them. They put in what ever they have to make that first birthday of yours the most special day of their life. Our parents back then in 1990’s invited all the relatives & friends & all the known people around to our first birthday, meanwhile Mother decorated the house and made all the yummy, mouth watering dishes and in the evening Father gets a huge cake and after all the guests were at the venue they held our hand and cut the cake. Things back then were different from now. With the digitization of world new & creative ideas have come up for every celebrations. Right from the invitation to the party theme, everything goes unique and special.
So today we bring you one of such unique and creative Idea applied by a Father to celebrate his Daughters first Birthday.
Prakhar Sahay, a Tech savvy had come up with this very interesting and creative way of inviting people to his Daughter’s (Naira) first birthday. Have a look at the Invitation card made by Prakhar Sahay using the Whatsapp Screen.


JUST WOW!! To The Creatively Designed Birthday Card!!


Source : Giphy


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