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A List Of Similarities Between Humans And Stars


A List Of Similarities Between Humans And Stars

Remember being told in childhood that humans become stars after death?

The thought fascinated me then and even after studying science for so many years that fascination has gone nowhere. Just think about it, humans and stars, they are just so same.

Here are few of the similarities between humans and stars that relate them very much:

• Just like stars, we are noticed only when we shine through that darkness.

Every person has to face those dark times in his/her life at one point of time or another. But no one notices us during that struggle; the world never notices how hard you work during your bad days.

Only if you are successful, only if you are able to come out of that bad phase, people will start to notice you. No one has achieved fame without those dark times behind them.

• Just like a star falls to grant someone a wish, certain people (read parents) also make sacrifices so that your wishes come true.

We all wish on a shooting star, don’t we? We believe that shooting stars will make our wishes come true. But what about the shooting stars that surround us?

Our parents, they work endlessly for us, they fulfill even those wishes of ours that we never asked for and in the process they sacrifice a part of themselves. Parents are the reality of what we all think a shooting star is.

• Just like that one star on a new moon night, shining alone and guiding us through dark, we all have that one person in our life who is always there, no matter how dark it gets.

We all have that one person, yes? The person who stays with us, the person who is always there in the darkest of our times, the one who will start besides us even if the whole world is against us.

Sometimes on a lonely night, we look at the sky and find one little star glowing through and providing us that small light of hope, that is what that one single person signifies in our life.

• And just like us stars too like to hang out together (constellations).

Stars form a group. When they come together, we refer to it as constellations. Constellations are beautiful, they reflect the fact that how beautiful we look when we all shine together.

They make us understand the value of making a bond and staying with it. They also tell us that different people make different groups and everyone is beautiful in their own little ways.

That’s how it is. Humans are as beautiful as stars and stars are as beautiful as humans. So next time when you find that star reflecting in your eyes, don’t just close them, talk to it, it is just another lost human existing in a different form.

Here’s a very good quote to sum it all up:

We have calcium in our bones, iron in our veins, carbon in our souls, and nitrogen in our brains. 93 percent stardust, with souls made of flames; we are all just stars that have people names ~ Nikita Gill

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