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A Man Tweeted To Shah Rukh Khan For Almost 143 Days. He Finally Responded.


A Man Tweeted To Shah Rukh Khan For Almost 143 Days. He Finally Responded.

Bollywood stars have a separate fan base altogether, they are even worshiped by their fans and enjoy super stardom. When we are speaking of stardom and gigantic fan following, we can’t miss our King Khan, who has been ruling our hearts since many years now.

With over 25 million followers on Twitter, the Badshah of Bollywood is one of the most followed Indian celebrity on the social media.Shah Rukh Khan has a very significant fan following all over the world. His gigantic filmography and humble gestures made him the best.

For his fans he is an emotion, the best person who epitomizes hope and global domination. Maybe you are not a fan or is too cynical to even appreciate him but his presence won’t let you ignore him. He is an icon for millions of people around the world.

Now, since meeting King Khan is a dream come true for his fans it isn’t very easy either. Fans wait outside his house, especially on his birthday to get a glimpse of him. Even some keeps messaging or tweeting him with the hope that he will reply someday.

This happened with one of his fan. Twitter user @amritkaran tweeted Shah Rukh Khan for 142 days in order to get a response, so that his brother Raju can get to meet him, he is suffering from Cerebral Palsy.






And then he posted a video which caught our King Khan’s attention.

Shah Rukh Khan responded! Yes you read that right. He himself tweeted back in his usual humble and caring way and promised that he will try to meet them soon.

Dreams do come true, if you believe in them. We respect his busy schedule and hope that he meets them soon.

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