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A Netizen Comes Up With Mango Pulao & Twitter Says The End Of The World Is Near


A Netizen Comes Up With Mango Pulao & Twitter Says The End Of The World Is Near

The coronavirus pandemic gave us a chance to discover our hidden talents as we had no option other than staying inside our houses if we want to save ourselves from the lethal virus because this was the best way to stop the virus transmission. Many people started writing books and poems, some began painting while numerous others resorted to increase their online presence; there were also several people who entered the kitchen and started experimenting with the food items.

Now individuals are also sharing their experimentation on social media and some of them are so quite weird that people are not able to understand how a person can think about such bizarre combinations. If you were thinking that maggi with milk, dosa with ice-cream, etc. were more than enough for you to get pissed off, here is one person who decided to have pulao with mango.

Check out the pic:

The online user shared the photo of mango pulao with caption, “mango + pulao = happiness”.

Here is the tweet:

Twitterati was pretty annoyed with this combination and here is how they reacted:











Well, if this was not enough, one online user came up with three weird combinations, first one – egg with nutella, second – banana dipped in tea and third was paanipuri with tea.

How did you feel watching these dishes? If you have ever tried any weird combination too, share with us.

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