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A Politician Challenged Gambhir To Leave Cricket And Live In Kashmir. Gambhir Had An Epic Reply


A Politician Challenged Gambhir To Leave Cricket And Live In Kashmir. Gambhir Had An Epic Reply

Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir is one of the few no-nuisance cricketers as he strongly stands with the armed forces and is known for speaking his mind on various matters including Kashmir.

Just recently, an incident happened in Kashmir in which stone pelters targeted a CRPF vehicle and a video related to it was shared by a Twitter user with caption, “Look at how a mob of stone pelters today targeted a @crpf_srinagar vehicle at Nowhatta in Srinagar, Kashmir. Just imagine what could have happened if they would’ve been able to open the gypsy doors. No Kashmir media outlets will show this truth as it doesn’t suit the propaganda.”

Watch The Video:

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Reacting to the video, Gautam Gambhir asked as to how the government can even think of talking to these stone pelters, adding that CRPF should be given the permission to handle these guys.

His tweet read,

“Am devastated. Wonder if India still thinks there is room for talks with stone-pelters! Come on, let’s get real. Show me the political will and my armed forces, my @crpfindia will show you the results.”

He then went on to suggest a solution for the problem and tweeted,

“I have a solution:Make it mandatory for politicians to spend a week in troubled parts of Kashmir along with their families&without security. Only then they b allowed to contest 2019 elections. No other way to make them understand d plight of armed forces & a well-meaning Kashmiri”

Tweets by Gautam Gambhir made Tanvir Sadiq, a politician from J&K, angry and he invited Gautam to stay in Kashmir to understand the plight of Kashmiris. Tanvir tweeted,

“I too have a solution @GautamGambhir :you leave cricket since you’re not doing much there and be my guest in Kashmir & live in downtown Srinagar like I do & trust me no one will touch you!No other way to make you understand d plight of poor Kashmiris who are at the receiving end.”

The cricketer also asked the politician as to what he and other politicians have been doing till now other than living comfortably on the money of tax payers. This is what he tweeted,

“Whtt did u guys do for so many years for Kashmiri’s rather than living on tax payers money and enjoying all the comforts and making fool of innocent Kashmiri’s.”

What is your take on this matter? Is there any scope for talks with the stone pelters or Indian government should just take strict action? Let us know your views.

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