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A Woman Loses 1 Lakh After Calling A Customer Care Number On Google


A Woman Loses 1 Lakh After Calling A Customer Care Number On Google

Google is the most significant modern day boon for mankind. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing,Google is there with every answer and solution; it is just a tap away.

We tend to rely on every possible outcome of our searches on Google,making it very easy to find and look into unknown things.We never get the urge to verify that information though.

Recently, a woman from Seemapuri area which is in East Delhi,was looking for a customer care number on Google,as she suddenly saw an accidental monetary transaction through her e-wallet.

She was looking for some phone number,through which she can contact the necessary person.But unfortunately she happened to call a spam number;where that so called executive asked for her card details and assured her a full refund of the former.

After getting assurance,she readily exchanged all her details and within some time she got another notification, where it stated to deduct one lakh rupees from her bank account.

Now, it is very common for all of us to google anything and everything. But we should always check with the official company website before calling any number listed on google.

Nowadays these kind of scams have become rampant and truly hard to ignore. So, it is better you don’t share your personal information of any kind over phone.

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