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Aamir Khan Apologised During A Jain Festival, Fans Said They Forgave Him For “Thugs Of Hindostan”

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Aamir Khan Apologised During A Jain Festival, Fans Said They Forgave Him For “Thugs Of Hindostan”

There is no denying the fact that Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan starrer “Thugs of Hindostan” was a big blunder and the “Dangal” star not only took responsibility of its failure but also apologised to his fans repeatedly. The movie also starred Fatima Sana Shaikh and Katrina Kaif and it was one of the most expensive films ever made in Bollywood. However, the fans have got so terrified with the flick and Aamir’s imitation of Johnny Depp that they are still not able to forget the nightmare.

On the occasion of Paryushana which is a festival of Jain community, Aamir Khan took to Twitter to ask for forgiveness if he has hurt someone knowingly or unknowingly.

Aamir’s tweet read,

“Michhami Dukkadam 🙏.

If I have ever, knowing or unknowingly, caused anyone any pain or hurt,  I seek forgiveness from you with a bowed head and folded hands. 

Please forgive me 🙏



While Aamir was trying to practise the holy tradition, Twitterati took it quite seriously and said that they forgave him for making a crap movie like “Thugs of Hindostan” and copying Johnny Depp from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” in the worst possible manner. Some of them even asked for returning the money that they spent on the tickets of “Thugs of Hindostan”. However, there were some users who also slammed him for his other movies, such as “Dhoom 3”, “Mela”, “Mangal Pandey: The Rising”, etc.

Here are some of the selected tweets:












People of Jain community increase their spiritual intensity during Paryushana and the emphasis is given on the five vows. In the end of the event, followers ask for forgiveness from others for the acts they have committed and caused pain to others in the last year, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Have you forgiven Aamir for “Thugs of Hindostan”?

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