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Aamir Is Muslim But Playing Hindu God. Twitter Slammed Him Left & Right

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Aamir Is Muslim But Playing Hindu God. Twitter Slammed Him Left & Right

Indian filmmakers have not shied away from making movies of big budget but making a flick on the Hindu epic “Mahabharata” is something which takes a lot of courage.

We have seen that every movie which has some historical and mythological connection gets tangled in controversies and the makers have to face a lot of problem in not only shooting but also releasing the film.

While there were many who were very happy after learning that Aamir will play Krishna in Mahabharata, there were few who found it inappropriate for a Muslim man to play a Hindu God.

A Twitter user with the name Francois Gautier (Twitter handle – @fgautier26) raised a question on Aamir Khan playing a character in the most ancient and sacred Hindu epic Mahabharata despite the fact that he follows Islam.

He tweeted, “Why should @AamirKhan, a Muslim, play in most ancient & sacred of Hindu epics, the Mahabharata? Is @BJP4India Govt of @narendramodi going to be like the @INCIndia & just stand by in name of secularism??? Would Muslims allow a Hindu to play life of Mohamed?”

Even though Mr. Perfectionist didn’t reply, the great lyricist Javed Akhtar came forward in his support.

Blasting the man who raised an objection, Javed Akhtar wrote, “You scoundrel, have you not seen peter brooks production of this great epic Mahabharsta in France . I would like to know which foreign agency is paying you to spread this kind of perverse and poisonous thoughts in our country.”

After Javed’s reply, another user supported Francois and wrote, “Unfortunately he is not a threat to indians but islamist like Aamir Khan and and you are.”

To this, Javed replied in an angry tone, “You ignorant unfortunate imbecile, obviously you know nothing about our Indian traditions and culture . Do you know who were Ras khan bullay shah Waris shah, ,Baba Farid Nazeer Akbarabadi , Nizir Banarasi , Bismillah khan . You are just a frog in the stinking well of communalism”

Another user mentioned a comedy scene from Aamir Khan’s “PK” featuring Lord Shiva and tweeted, “Let us have a similar comedy scene on Allah and Muhammad dear @Javedakhtarjadu.”

Javed Akhtar replied, “If your ideals are Isis Talibans and fanatic Mullas I can only feel sorry for you.”

The superstar Aamir Khan has said earlier that Mahabharata is his dream project but he is afraid of starting the venture as it may take 15-20 years of his life. He has also said that he will love to play the character of Karna but he is not sure whether his physique is suitable for that role, adding that he may have to play the character of Krishna.

During the promotion of “Secret Superstar”, Aamir said,

“My dream project is to make the Mahabharata but I’m afraid of starting the project as I know it will consume at least 15-20 years of my life. My favourite character is Karna, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to play him due to my physique. I may just have to play Krishna. I also liked the character of Arjun. He was the only person who asked Krishna why he must kill his own people.”

The good news is that Aamir’s dream project may start soon as Indian business tycoon Mukesh Ambani is also going to co-produce the movie.

What is your take on the whole controversy? Let us know your views.


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