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Abu Azmi Made A Ridiculous Statement On Mass Molestation! Got Slammed By Celebs!


Abu Azmi Made A Ridiculous Statement On Mass Molestation! Got Slammed By Celebs!

Bengaluru has become the centre of controversies in the start of 2017. A shameful incident happened on New Years Eve, where many girls were molested publicly. Another CCTV footage has came to light where a girl was grabbed, molested and pushed on the ground by two unknown people. Police is not doing anything for the protection of girls, they are not even registering the complaints.

Bengaluru has become a dangerous place for women. On the other hand, political leaders are giving irresponsible statements which is ridiculous.

Now another political leader, Abu Asim Azmi who is a leader from Samajwadi Party has given a ridiculous statement. He compared assaulting of women with SUGAR that attracts ants.

His full statement is;

“You have to keep petrol away from fire. And if there is sugar, ants will come automatically to it. In today’s world, the more a woman is nude, the more she is considered modern and educated. Western culture is a black spot on country’s culture and it should be stopped at the earliest.“

He has not made such statement for the first time. He once said “Raped women should be hanged”

He didn’t stop there. He further added

“If my sister is going outside home after sunset with a boy to celebrate New Year, it cannot be expected that people will behave with her in a respectable manner. Many people may get disappointed with my remarks but I don’t care. And this is the fact.”

After his statement Many celebrities slammed him on Twitter. Let’s have a look at some of the tweets..

Look yourself first moron, Farhan.

Don’t punish Victims, Varun

None of your business, Vishal

Blame molesters instead of women, Shekhar.

Women are unsafe here, Richa

Watch PINK mate, Taapsee

Never saw such things, Salim

After he got slammed on twitter, Abu Azmi clarified himself on twitter.

But, will this clarification make everything fine ? Political leaders are showing their mental illness by making such cheap statements against women, There is always a doubt on their thinking.

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