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Acid Attack Survivor Shares How She Looks Like Without Makeup After Viral Post Recovery Tweet


Acid Attack Survivor Shares How She Looks Like Without Makeup After Viral Post Recovery Tweet

The life of an acid attack survivor is very tough and it’s something we can’t even imagine. She loses her beauty and has to mentally prepare herself to accept the situation, no matter how worse it is. She has to live with the pain that her former beauty cannot utterly be brought back and she has got punishment for a crime which she didn’t even commit. Why did she become a victim or why did someone throw acid on her? Why did she step out of the house that unfortunate day and what about her dreams? These questions keep on troubling her conscious and her life might become no less than hell.

However, there are some people who fight the situation with bravery and emerge to be the winner, like Resham Khan, a courageous girl who not only survived the acid attack on her 21st birthday but also left no stone unturned in keeping herself beautiful and happy!

On the auspicious occasion of Eid, she posted lovely photos post recovery. Quite obviously, netizens couldn’t stop loving them as well as appreciating the woman for her undying spirit and will power.

She received accolades for the miraculous recovery and the positive comments filled her with new confidence. In her blog Resham.Online, she wrote,

“Over the weekend I shared a few photos of myself from the night of Eid and I was blown over by people and their reactions. Thank you all so much for the compliments and kind words. I know many are watching my recovery or may be going through something similar, looking at themselves and wondering when they will improve. I have received questions on my recovery, asking how and what I’m doing.”

Here’s her pic without makeup:

Resham later disclosed that she had to apply full makeup prior to clicking those photos. She further wrote,

“First of all I just wanted to make clear that what you see on the internet isn’t real. Just like the photos. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved the compliments and it’s felt wonderful, but I should definitely set the story straight before someone sees me and starts to call me a catfish. I don’t want others to be trying to achieve what I do using editing apps.”

She added,

“The images you saw were the result of me finally deciding to try on a full face of makeup. I sat down throughout the early hours and I had Snapchat the journey. Once I did a full face to the best of my ability, with an extra layer or two of foundation and a lot more concealer over the more raised and pink areas, I got changed and thought I’d push the boat out with something pretty.”

Resham also mentioned that she tried Asian clothes on the suggestion of a friend and what could be a more special occasion than Eid for it?


Furthermore, she mentions what all troubles she has to go through while applying makeup, like hiding pink areas with foundation. Talking about difficulties, she wrote,

“In terms of applying makeup, it has become so much harder. It hurts a little to apply, and I found applying eye makeup a bit of a struggle so didn’t do too much. I miss being able to have fun with shadows and liner. And my heart longed for a pair of fake eyelashes. But with time and the help of my doctor, I hope one day it’s achievable. My eyebrows have been burnt and grow a bit funny so they were proving difficult, so I just shaded them rather than trying to shape them into anything fancy. A contour was achievable on one side but not really the other. And as my skin is tough, mixing lipsticks is difficult. It might sound confusing but trying to explain the little things that made makeup a challenge isn’t easy.”

Finally she concluded her blog post on an emotional note and referred to people like her who are also undergoing the similar phase of struggle.

“Makeup did a great job and so did angles and an edit. But please don’t see my photos and go into despair or try to achieve something that may not be possible. It’s hard. I’ve loved the compliments but the harsh reality is it is not real. It’s been lovely, it’s been great, but I can’t keep pretend to be someone I’m not. The improvement is going along great, and I’ve began my route to have my eye fixed through procedures and surgery, so there are so many positives.”

You have a long way to go, Resham! More power to you!



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